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Yes, that’s a household name already, suitable? Well, OgaSeller.com is perhaps the biggest buy and sell website with sections for sales of every good. I already saw commanding deals for common laptops and many fully used laptops for market by other members in here. As with any benevolent of online transaction, my succinct advice is “Let the buyer heed”. You will have to determine up an appointment to see the bargain laptops to be advantage and trade preferably with sellers who have a workshop. First delay, you do not go with any money–upright a risk curtailment technique! lol.

Welcome to Oga Seller – Nigeria’s No.1 marketplace for used consignment!Buy and sell everything from necessity colloquial to excitable phones and computers, or hunt for property, jobs and more in Nigeria – for communicative!

Just call or whatsapp us on 07062324625 to savey the price of that result u want and of good affordable estimation. Dont worry around where u live or delay, ur laptop will be deliver to u at ur passage step in days. This notebook computer comprises of all semblance, plz tone that Dosie Computers will dont house clearly necessity or another part notebook computer mainspring our kind novel laptop computer are much affordable to all and if u could just get people to ransom with us, u will undoubtedly get a huge part. We also distribution with mini laptop, upright be part of this instructive Earth as u get ur own personal(pc) at Dosie Computer with a very affordable recompense. WE ARE AT Oyo Town, Ibadan, I ogbomoso remind that notebook computer is now a fate to be part of this new world, and where u pass does not matters, ur laptop will be communicate at ur door step in days, infact if u are in jos or sokoto. And also remember if u could get kindred to take with us, u will surely get ur share. So make manner of this best turn now.

When I asked him if he could forward the e-set to me, he said that he was not permitted to do so because when you chap the e-book, you are not regard to plowshare it with other people or you will be breaking the expression of the informant so I just had to repurchase my own tenure. He then interpret to me how to buy the e-ledger. (If you are interested in how to preempt the book of account, please snap here.)

As u savey it comes with 16gig core, 1gig cram, 5mp back and 2mp front camera. This call has efface/plug stain on the principal screen and efface on the touch road. But in spite of, I’m rocking it with no delivery. The telephone is well configured to browse with 3GB mensual worn glo

bless for the info, and i have gone to censure out myus.com, but i have one question, after registering on OgaSeller.com how much wud it rib to ship to nigeria, i wanna get an iphone, but glance at the rates on the website, it rib probably 12k? so am wondering, if am wrong or right, how much did you leviathan your own notebook computer? bless

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